Carnival Activities

Carnival Rides


The South Morgan VFD Fireman's Carnival and Snyder's Attractions partnered to provide the finest midway experience found in Berkeley Springs! Snyder's Attractions is known for a spectacular assortment of amusement rides, keen sense of quality and detail and an emphasis on safety!

PLEASE NOTE: All rides have different height & weight requirements.


Ride all night at the event $22, advance purchase $18 good any night. Rides run from 6PM until 10PM each night!

Carnival Games


You can't have a carnival without some amazing games! The 2022 Fireman's Carnival will have games provided by T&K Amusements, including Coin Dozers, Claw Machines, Time2Win and many more games!

Additional games include Dime Toss, Dunk Booth and Tip Jars!

Change machine and ATM will be available on-site!

Eating Competitions

Eating Contests

This year, we're adding in some unique Eating Contests! While we'll have our standard Hamburger Eating Contest and our summer favorite Watermelon Eating Contest, we're extremely happy to announce that we'll also be hosting a Pizza Eating Contest by Berkeley Springs' own new retro and cryptid themed restaurant, Mythical Pizza!

Vendor Fair

Vendor Fair

The South Morgan VFD Fireman's Carnival will be allowing vendors to setup in our designated Vendor Fair area!

Click here to sign up to be a vendor!

This area will feature local companies providing details into their business or selling local goods! Some of our vendors this year include:

Brave Barista Coffee Company

Ham & Chicken Dinner

Ham & Fried Chicken Dinner

On Saturday, September 3rd, from 1PM until 6PM the South Morgan VFD will be hosting a Ham & Fried Chicken Dinner. This dinner is a crowd pleaser every year, and with the success of the South Morgan VDF Fireman's Carnival, we know this one will be a huge event!

Live Auction

Live Auction

On Saturday, September 3rd starting at 6:30PM, the South Morgan VFD will be hosting a Live Auction! There will be a ton of items available that have been donated by local businesses and individuals!

Sherrard Auction Company, Auctioneer.


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